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Professional Horse Racing Tips – How To Win Betting On Horses

You need to have Value

Value approach having a bet horses on the way to display a income long term.

It’s like buying £20 notes for £15.

How do you realize when you have cost?

Here we will discuss how Professional Gamblers do it. Then in later articles I’ll show you more than one “cheats” or smooth shortcuts. There’s three fundamental steps.

Step 1: Winning Probability

Estimate the prevailing chance of each horse in a race  bandar slot or in case you’re brief of time simply the pony you’re considering betting.

Step 2: Value Price

Convert that possibility into a charge. The “True Price” or “Value Price”.

Step three: Compare Value to Odds

Compare the percentages available to the True Price you’ve calculated. Only guess the pony(s) while the charge on offer is BIGGER than the rate you calculated.

How a great deal can I win?

For example in case you make a horse a authentic nine/1 risk ie it’s going to win 10% of its races… However if you could guess it at 14/1, then you may make 50% earnings for your turnover. Like shopping for £20 notes for £13.33.

However if you wager the identical horse at 6/1 you would lose 30%. Like paying £26 for £20 notes!

Making 50% on turnover is the equivalent of every £a hundred guess you strike placing an £50 on your pocket long term. If you may discover one horse a day like this you’ll make £50 a day or £15,600 a 12 months in case you take Sunday’s off like I do! That’s tax unfastened via the way. You’d must be paid round £30,000 in a actual process to get the identical take domestic pay.

How can we estimate the triumphing hazard of the horse(s)

I’m glad betting nine/1 probabilities at 14/1 but realistically you have to have the bank, the balls and the emotional balance so one can face up to 9 losers for each winner.

Currently my consciousness tends to be on the front of the market because I’ve been banned by every bookie I’ve ever bet with and now I deliver facts to a small organization of everyday customers. Many of my customers are friends and I recognise they do not want the pain of lengthy losing runs like that so I focus on horses with a higher triumphing chance. I believe you are similar to them and so I advocate you do the same in particular within the early days.

I endorse you start through calculating the winning threat of just the horses you are inquisitive about betting in place of doing each horse in every race as I do.

First imagine the race being run 10 times.

Realistically estimate how regularly your horse will win.

The general rule of comparing horse’s capability is to transform all horse performances to a numerical discern. The bigger the determine the better. We name that a score.

The distinction between  horses figures is known as the lbs benefit. If a horse has a 10lbs gain I’ll estimate it wins four times out of 10 or forty%. If it has a 20lbs benefit I estimate 6 out of 10 wins or 60%. You should use a comparable extrapolation


A low value solution is to apply the scores figures published in newspapers, join a scores service or higher still produce your very own. But it could be very time ingesting. I spend around £50,000+ a 12 months having shape figures and evaluation produced for me because I need the first-rate feasible facts and to keep time.

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